Grievance Committee

Our Institution has a Grievance Redressal committee and committee members have been designated to take care of the Grievance Redressal for the academic year. The committee deals with issues relating to various problems faced by the students. It is applicable to all students and faculty. A complaint may be rectified by the committee members.


  • Examine and enquire the student(s) and staff involved in malpractice.
  • Decide the punishment depending upon the gravity of the offence can appeal to the director.
  • It shall take care of the inputs received from students, observers and staff regarding indiscipline, ragging and sexual harassment activities of the student.
  • Anti ragging is one of the important and mandatory function of the committee .
  • The committee shall look into the ragging cases. It should counsel the students for anti ragging and follow the principle of preventive actions.
  • In addition, student committees shall be formed for anti ragging and some of the parents shall also be involved in helping the institute to avoid ragging.
  • Avoiding sexual harassment in the Institute is other important mandatory function of the committee.
  • The committee shall try to prevent cases of sexual harassment in the institute.