Department of MBA

The MBA course is conducted on a semester basis, with four semesters spread over two academic years. The two-year Program has an effective mix of concept learning and application-orientation. During the first two Semesters, students are provided with basic inputs in management studies that form a strong foundation for their future learning. The focus is on providing an integrated approach to the different functional areas of management. At the end of the second Semester, students are required to undergo a project work for about six weeks in any company. Could there be any better way of ensuring strong foundation. The third and final Semester are planned to provide functional expertise to the students in their area of interest Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, or Systems. With such a well-planned and executed program, we are sure that our students will get excellent placement opportunities.

The emphasis of the Vasavi Vidya Trust Group of Institution is to encourage students to

  • Develop a multi-disciplinary outlook
  • Be open to diverse view points
  • Work in teams
  • Evaluate conflicting situations
  • Apply the analytical mind to business and IT problems

It is my privilege to cordially welcome you into the portals of our great institution dedicated to the cause of top quality management education. Being one of the important limbs of Vasavi Vidya Trust Group of Institutions, Faculty of MBA, the department of management studies has been offering quality management education for the past several years. We are in the pursuit of global standards of quality in all our activities and we aim at creating all rounded personality in our students. To align with our innovative teaching practices and infra structure facilities, the department has highly qualified and experienced faculty members, well equipped computer lab and a library with latest books on the various functional areas of management.

In an environment of competition, our institution stimulates innovation among students by inspiring fresh ideas with different perceptiveness, creative thinking and strong conviction to face the challenges of the globalized world without compromising on core human values. I, take this opportunity to thank all the stakeholders for showing interest and continuous support in achieving peak position. I extend my best wishes to all students in their chosen career path and welcome to be a part of the Vasavi Vidya Trust Group of Institutions, Faculty of MBA EXPERIENCE in higher learning.

The faculty is the principal driver of change through their direct involvement in every aspect of the Institute: academics, governance, research, and consultancy. They combine the very highest standards of teaching and mentoring with diverse backgrounds as eminent entrepreneurs, policy makers, researchers, theoreticians and consultants. The rich diversity of their backgrounds installs in the students a continuous desire to achieve excellence.

Vasavi Vidya Trust Group of Institutions faculty members are active and regular participants in international conferences and symposia. They contribute to international journals and collaborate with a broad range of agencies to develop and execute consultancy projects.

Faculty members serve on executive committees and policy formulation boards of a rich variety of organizations in both private and public domains including Industry Institute Interface. Such active involvement generates precious cross-fertilization and ensures that all academic programmes are kept up to date.